Make Sales, Increase Income, and Boost Engagement with a Fool-Proof Strategy for Instagram Stories

Network Marketers. Health Coaches. Food Bloggers.


You can make more sales, increase your following, and establish yourself as the go-to person in your niche. Read on, friend. 


  • Make consistent sales of your products and services without sounding salesy or annoying your followers!

  • Save time with templates, scripts, and strategies that actually work for selling in the wellness industry.

  • Provide value to your community without spending hours a day creating content and wondering what to post.

  • Speak confidently and authentically on Instagram Stories.


  • Set up a killer opt in and grow your email list, so you can retarget your warm leads and turn your Instagram followers into customers.

I had 3 new consultants join my network marketing team in just 1 week of using this schedule!


Here's what you'll get:

  • Daily Instagram Story Scripts and Templates

    Our Story-Selling Schedule gives you templates and scripts of exactly what to share each day to help you increase your sales and income!

  • Live and Recorded Trainings

    Learn exactly how to identify your ideal client, overcome mindset blocks preventing you from showing up consistently, grow your following without bots or fancy photography, and how to increase your email list with Instagram so you can consistently make more sales online! 

  • Sales Strategy Pro Tricks

    Get the sales secrets we use to bring in consistent 5k and even 10k months in our wellness businesses like our Engagement Enchantment Method, our non-salesy sales strategy, how to create a strong call to action, and more! 

If you've struggled to make sales of your services, digital products, or network marketing products, you're not alone... we did too!


We struggled to show up consistently. We never knew what to share, so we would either post willy-nilly, or not at all. We would spend hours on Instagram each day, with nothing to show for it.


Then we implemented strategy into our Instagram stories, and within a year we had grown our following to 17k and 20k followers, hit high ranks in our network marketing businesses, and both quit our jobs to run our wellness businesses full time.

Join Social Story Selling, and big things will happen.

  • You'll make sales of your products and services without sounding salesy! 

  • You'll meet your monthly minimums without spending your own money.

  • You'll become an authority in your niche and grow your following.

  • You'll learn how to create stand-out images and a curated feed.

Who was Social Story Selling created for:

Beautycounter Consultants

DoTerra Wellness Advocates

Young Living Members



Health Coaches

Food/Wellness Bloggers

Beach Body Coaches

NTA and IIN Students

Side Hustlers

Social Media Influencers

Wellness Business Owners

Yoga and Pilates Instructors

Network Marketers

Anyone wanting to quit the 9-5

Ready to increase your income and impact?

Get the fool-proof and strategic Story Selling Schedule now!



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you put this course into action and you aren't completely thrilled with the results... we'll buy it back from you. We want you to be confident with your investment, so you can request a refund within the first 30 days.


Story Selling Schedule

We're giving you 4 months of daily templates, scripts, topics, and prompts for your Instagram Stories so you can stop wasting time wondering what to post, increase engagement, and start making sales.

Pro Sales Tips

We're teaching you all the sales tips and tricks we have used to bring in consistent $5k and $10k months, grow our Network Marketing teams,  and make sales without sounding salesy or annoying our friends.

Tutorials and Trainings

Confused on how to implement the techniques? We'll have live and recorded trainings so you can get your biz questions answered from two wellness business owners who have done it themselves.

I've never had as many DMs in my Instagram life than I have with just the first 3 days of using your Story-Selling Schedule!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Ready to increase your income and impact?

Get the fool-proof and strategic Story Selling Schedule now!